Belly Buds

Blogs that Speak to Me

Just as I found inspiration in the throes of pregnancy, today I continually seek inspiration through fellow writers and bloggers.

Below are some of the blogs that I enjoy visiting (not necessarily in my favorite order, as I enjoy each one depending on my mood and needs :-):
  • Momentum Gathering - This blog touches my heart and my soul; I leave feeling a little bit better than when I came.
  • The Urban Muse - I love anything with the word "muse" in it :-)
  • The Blend - Well-written musings of wine and everything "grape"!
  • The Art of Everyday Wonder - The marriage of eloquent prose and captivating pictures brings me back to this site, again and again.
  • Writing Forward - This blog steers me towards great writing practices to implement in my own daily writing.
  • Daily Writing Tips - Going back to my academia roots, I like to persue this blog for mechanical tidbits worth chewing.
  • Confident Writing - I love Joanna Paterson's free-form and functionality.  Lot's of great writing tips and tools to gain from her site.
  • The Writer Underground - Tom Chandler's wit and humor invade his blog site, making it an easy one to get sucked into, so beware :-)  
  • Quips and Tips - I love reading Laurie's work; I'm hopeful that her blog will maintain its interest-appeal in her absence.
  • Jordan Vineyard & Winery - I love the stories Jordan tells through their blog, each one like its own little memoir.
  • Memories and Memoirs - Great site with meaningful content!