Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Summer of 2016 Library Tour: Grover Beach

Summertime: a season for getting out and doing things! In summers past, I have filled mine and my son's days up with activities, play dates, and outings. Looking back on them, though, nothing really stands out as memorable. 

This year, I decided to give our summer a theme. We are currently saving money to buy a house, so I had to keep our theme on a budget. I played around with a few ideas, but couldn't settle on one that would be inexpensive and meaningful, until I thought of one of our favorite places to go: the library! 

After a quick search, I discovered there are fifteen libraries in our county alone. That amounts to one or two library trips each week; plenty to keep us busy and entertained. Plus, libraries are free!! 

Today's blog post features our first stop: the Grover Beach Community Library.

It's an independently run, volunteer-based community library. What it lacks in space, it more than makes up for with personality, starting with its vibrantly blue front door:

When you step inside, it feels like childhood! I was immediately transported back to my youth, when my mom and grandma used to take us to our local library.

This library is sectioned off with different rooms: one for adult literature, one for adult non-fiction, one for Teen Readers, and a quaint little room for the wee ones:

My son did not have any trouble finding books he wanted to check out! 

And, for his little cousin, she found a comfy chair in a quiet corner to sit and ponder life's mysteries:

The library also offers Toddler story time once a week, "Read with Rover" sessions, as well as a Summer Reading Program. And, those are just the youth offerings!

Close to home and ties to the community, this was the perfect place to start our Summer of 2016 Library Tour!

Keep an eye out for our next stop...