Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Soft Glow of Lamplight

Two Writing Teachers sponsors a Slice of Life every Tuesday. Here's my slice for today...

I have always loved the soft glow lamp light gives off!

So much so that, I often had lamps sprinkled throughout my classrooms. When students returned from recess or lunch, I would turn the harsh overhead fluorescent lights off, giving my students time to wind down while quietly reading in the soft circles of lamplight.

Today, I use this same soothing technique for myself and my young son. When we have had a particularly long day, we will snuggle up on my bed before dinner and wrap ourselves in a story under the same calming lamplight I used to soothe my students all those years ago!

Oftentimes, I will retreat to this spot when I am feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with the daily responsibilities of being a single mom. It is where I seek solace when I feel exasperated, where I lose myself when I want to escape, and where I put myself on a much needed "mommy timeout" when I need to reconnect with the patient, loving mom I sometimes lose touch with...okay, whom I often lose touch with :-)

I can walk into my bedroom at any given moment, see the soft glow of my bedside lamp as it illuminates a book and my reading glasses, and all the day's stresses will soften. Maybe they won't disappear completely, but they do become less pointed at the thought of escaping, even if it's only for a few stolen moments.

"Better to light a small candle than to curse the darkness" ~ Chinese Proverb


  1. It is a soothing scene. Everyone needs a place like that. Love the idea of wrapping yourselves in a story. That's comforting.

    1. Thanks, Elsie! It's just one of those things that comforts me the moment I see it :-)

  2. and illuminating...the coils are getting softer (may a tint in the glass to temper the glare) but still not the same. I've gone to them for the energy efficiency but keep candles for when I need soothing light

    1. Yes, I also love candlelight, Vanessa! I wasn't comfortable using them in the classroom, but I do light them at home for my son and me :-)