Sunday, December 7, 2014

Preschool Science Curriculum: Library Day

After our visit to the Reptile Room at CD's Pet Emporium, my son and I made a trip to the library, where we researched books on reptiles.

I don't have to tell you, but the library is one of the most magical places! Just stepping inside transports me to my youth, when my biggest worry was if my pigtails were too tight. As a child, I spent countless hours reading, getting lost in the places my books took me, and befriending the characters I so longed to meet; and I want to provide these special memories for my young son.

Walking into our local library, we first see the Children's and Young Adult sections. Giant stuffed animals, like flamingos and lions, tower over us as we make our way through the children's stacks. I sometimes have to hold my son's hand to help him navigate as his eyes are cast upwards taking in the sites. In addition, the Children's section has computers for the kids to use...

...a puzzle table...

...story time...

...and a very kid-friendly, comfy corner:

Here he is perusing the adult library stacks back when he could barely walk:

Now that he is a little bit older, I was able to teach him how to research books and find those specific to reptiles:

He was quite amazed that all the reptile books were in one corner of the library :-) We sat in this corner for most of our visit on this day!

Our library even has one lower check-out desk that is the perfect height for my son to check out his own books :-)

Once we got our books home, we spent the next couple of days perusing, picture-walking, and reading each one. There is no end to the number of hours we will spend with literature:

* I posted this so far apart from my first Preschool Science Curriculum post because I could not find my pictures! Look for my third post in this series in a couple of days :-)

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