Monday, December 29, 2014

25 Nights of Christmas Books: Books Seven Through Twelve

My second installment celebrating mine and my son's 25 Nights of Christmas Books ~

Night 7: Biscuit's Christmas Eve

Every year, we add new Christmas books to our growing collection. This year, my son picked out a Christmas book with the endearing dog Biscuit. In this picture book, we learned the true meaning of Christmas through Biscuit's eyes.

Night 8: Jan Brett's stunningly illustrated "The Night Before Christmas"

As you will see, Jan Brett is one of my favorite children's book authors, as she illustrates her books with the most intricately stunning pictures! Accompanying this Christmas classes, Jan Brett's art captures the magic and whimsy of "The Night Before Christmas".

Night 9: All You Need for a Snowman

My son loves when we read this book, as we have done year after year. He enjoys the magic of turning one tiny snowflake into a larger-than-life snowman! It's a fun way to show children a multi-step process. 

Night 10: Yes, Virginia! There is a Santa Claus

This classic tale is another new addition to our repertoire. We purchased it at Macy's when I took my son to deliver his letter to Santa Claus. It's the classic story of a young girl, Virginia, who writes a letter to Santa Claus because her faith has been questioned. It closes with a heart-warming message for the ages!

Night 11: The Spirit of Christmas

In her unique prose, Nancy Tillman delivers another heart-warming story of love, magic, and warmth. In "The Spirit of Christmas", Tillman recounts all the things that make this season so wonderful, saving the best for last: you! Another beautifully illustrated picture book that inspires.

Night 12: Santa's On His Way

This is a fun, interactive book that keeps my son engaged. With pictures that transform, we spend more time on our picture walk than we do actually reading :-)

I'm a bit late in posting these, as my son and I moved a mere week before Christmas, but if you come back tomorrow, I will have posted books thirteen through eighteen.

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  1. Your post reminds me of those days when I used to collect Christmas books to read with my boys, (now 33 and 31) Have you read Tomie Depaola's The Cat on the Dovrefell? It remains my favourite Christmas tale of all times. I read it to classes in our school library every year and it never fails to enchant. Jan Brett does a version of this same tale, but in my opinion, Depaola's is superior.