Monday, November 10, 2014

"Giving Thanks" Turkey Box

I found this fabulous little "Give Thanks" box idea from i heart crafty things and decided to give it a try with my son.

First, I collected all the materials:

  1. Tissue box 
  2. Acrylic paint in orange, red, and yellow
  3. Glow-in-the-dark paint in orange and yellow
  4. Paintbrushes
  5. Three sheets of white card stock
  6. One sheet of brown card stock (or you can get one more piece of white card stock and paint it brown)
  7. Construction paper scraps in red and yellow
  8. Google eyes
  9. Feathers for adornment

Then, we sat down to create our very own "I am thankful for.." turkey box!

In the original project, the tissue box was painted brown, but I happened to like the colors on my tissue box, so I left it as is. Instead, we skipped straight to painting the three sheets of card stock: one yellow, one orange, and one red. After painting the base colors, my son and I had some fun splatter painting the alternating colors. For example, on the red painted sheet, we splatter-painted orange and yellow. To put my own little twist on this project, I also splatter-painted glow-in-the-dark paint (I haven't yet tested the glow-in-the-dark effect, but will post a picture once I do :-):

From each sheet, I cut three "feathers". To help them lay straight, I placed all nine "feathers" underneath a heavy book while we worked on the rest of the project. I cut a peanut shape from the brown card stock for the turkey head and body. My son cut out a folded triangle, that he observed made a diamond when opened, for the beak, while I cut out another peanut shape from the red construction paper scrap. My son picked out colored googly eyes, and then we glued everything on.

Once the face features dried, we glued our turkey onto the tissue box:

By this time, the "feathers" were nice and flat, ready for gluing. Before we glued, though, I had my son create a pattern out of the colored "feathers":

To add some pizzazz, and another little personal touch to our project, I used craft feathers, in the same colors as the paint, to adorn our turkey:

We had to let each row of "feathers" dry completely before applying the next row, so in between "feather" installation, we read some Thanksgiving books we got from our local library:

After applying the final set of "feathers", I went to work on making "I am thankful for..." business cards on which to write our daily thanksgivings. I waiting until our project was completed, snapped a photo of my son with our "give thanks" turkey box, and used it to decorate our cards. Here are some of the pictures I had to choose from...

...and, here's the one I used:

This morning, we wrote our first thanksgivings and placed them in the turkey box. My son said he was thankful for his baby cousin, Nahla, and wrote her name on his card:

And, of course, I wrote that I am thankful for my children, my son and our two dogs :-)

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