Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Autumn-themed Wall Dot-to-Dot

Autumn is my favorite season of the year!

So, to marry my love of Autumn and my passion for supporting my son's learning, I created an Autumn Wall Dot-to-Dot. This idea came from Play Learn Love's "Giant Holiday Dot-to-Dot" post, but I altered it slightly to fit my favorite holiday.

I started by sticking thumb tacks in a pattern on the hallway wall, placing numbered sticky notes next to each tack:

Then, I brought my son in to show him what I had made. Before having him "connect the dots", I had him count the numbers to make sure he knew which direction he would be going:

After he counted all the numbers, I had him practice connecting the "dots" by wrapping yarn around each thumb tack. This proved to be a trial-and-error process because if he didn't keep the yarn pulled tightly, but not too tightly, the whole thing collapsed:

He eventually got the hang of it and managed to wrap the yarn all the way around our shape. What followed was a privileged look into his problem-solving process:

This activity provided my son the opportunity to practice his counting skills, hand-eye coordination, and pattern recognition, in a fun and engaging way, resulting in a deep sense of satisfaction and accomplishment!

This was my first attempt, so the pattern was rather simple. I look forward to doing this with him again, with a more complex dot-to-dot. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please feel free to share them in the comments :-)

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