Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Smashed Flower Pot and my Son's Kind Gesture

I came home yesterday to find my favorite blood red Gerbera Daisy had fallen off our outside table.

It might have been the gardeners, but not likely, or the wind, but it has survived stronger winds, or a neighborhood cat trolling the backyard since my dogs were inside.

Regardless of how it happened, my initial reaction was complete dismay! I had nurtured this little plant back to health after finding it near death at a local nursery; it was my version of the Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

As I expressed my shock out loud, my son, who is very sensitive to my feelings, came rushing over to inspect the damage.

Ever the optimist, he said, as he handed me the lone surviving daisy, "It's okay, Mom! Now you have a flower for your hair!"

He is so apt at seeing the positive in every situation! I wanted to remember this kind, healing gesture, so I asked him to take a picture of me with the flower in my hair...

And, here is a final shot of my precious flower, given to me by my precious son...

So, my Slice of Life today came dressed as a lesson: find the potential in every situation! If you can't, try to view life through the eyes of a toddler :-)

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