Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Where I'm From: A copy-change poem

Today, I wrote a copy-change poem as part of my writing group. One of our group's members (thanks Adrienne), suggested we get to know one another by crafting a "Where I'm From" poem. I decided to share it as my Slice of Life today because it reached much deeper than I anticipated:

Where I’m From…

I am from wind-swept beaches,
from dark chocolate and red wine.
I am from the house where my son, my dogs, and I lay our heads
Comfortable, safe; feels like a warm embrace.

I am from the Birch tree,
the Weeping Willow
Trying to avoid the sting of its branches.

I’m from the coming night, waiting for porch lights to come on and holding hands as we Trick-or-Treat;
from Momo and Clara and my Uncle John.

I’m from the “we have no secrets” and, yet, there are secrets.
From a wordless but supportive childhood, and “I don’t remember what I was told as a child”

I’m from Baptist-Catholic parents, but I do not identify with one, specific religion.

I’m from a navy hospital in Port Hueneme, born of Irish and Swedish parents, but raised in a Mexican-American blended household; nourished with corn bread and greens, and chicken enchiladas.

From the realization that my family was different, first growing up under a single mom, and then growing up in a bi-racially blended family.

I am from a shaky childhood, riddled with uncertainty, but always blanketed in love.

~ Renae Mattson


  1. Your writing is so descriptive and telling. I really can picture so much of your family life from the poem. Great!

    1. Thanks so much, Chris :-) I enjoyed walking down memory lane while writing it!

  2. Wow, what a beautiful poem. It makes me want to write one too!

    1. Thanks, Lynn! I got the outline from one of my writing group members. Here is a link to the original poem: http://www.georgeellalyon.com/where.html

  3. Your poem is beautiful - and filled with such beautiful descriptions and such honesty. Glad you shared it.

    1. Thank you, Beverly! I find sharing poetry hardest because it is so interpretive, but I'm glad I shared it, also :-)