Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Today, I Cried A Little

Today, I cried a little!

I received my son's welcome letter for preschool in the mail, and as I stood there reading it in the post office, a tear escaped and found its way onto the paper. It's another milestone; another point of which there is no turning back from.

While I am elated to experience each of these milestones with my son, I know they bring us closer to him growing up.

As I stood there in the post office, I remembered the first time I laid him down and he didn't cry. He was only seven days old, but I had not let him out of my arms except to change his diaper! I ate holding him in my arms, I only showered if someone was there to take my place holding him, and I slept with him close to me. Then, on the morning of our fifth day home, I badly wanted to take a bath, so I dragged his swing into the bathroom doorway, gently set him in, and and set it rocking.

He didn't cry!!

I should have been elated, but all I could think was, this was the beginning of him not needing me anymore! Irrational? Maybe! But, it was how I felt, nonetheless!

Now, I ruminate some of his other milestones:

My son's first breath...

His first bite of solid food (corn-on-the-cob is still one of his favorites :-))

First haircut, just a little off around the ears...

When he became mobile, first crawling and then walking...

My son's first hit...

And, his first attempt at sliding into first base :-)

And, his first day of school (though, I will have to add a picture when that day comes :-))

Today's slice came in the shape of a solitary teardrop. I'm not sure if it was a tear of nostalgia or a tear of anticipation; perhaps, it was a little of both!

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  1. I love the pictures of his firsts! I totally relate! It is only irrational to someone who is not a mother.

    1. Thanks Jennie! Your confirmation makes me feel better! Since becoming a mom, my perspective and priorities certainly have changed :-)