Saturday, July 26, 2014

Celebrating Literacy Through Authentic Writing Experiences

In a previous "celebration" post, I shared the beginning of my son's journey into emergent writing. Having had very little interest in learning how to identify or write his letters, I had to get creative in my approach. In addition to the Menu Board, I recently began writing letters with whipped cream!

The inspiration hit me one morning when we were eating waffles topped with blueberries and whipped cream.

I thought, "what better way to motivate my son to identify his letters than with food?!?" Because I didn't want him to gorge on whipped cream, I decided to write a letter that could be easily transformed into another letter:

My next letter pairing will be changing E to F!

In addition to identifying and writing letters, I also want my son to engage in actual writing exercises. Again, he was reluctant! He knows enough to know that he doesn't "write" the way Mommy does, so he didn't feel like he was a writer.

Then I remembered a game he likes to play, Store Clerk. He has a play cash register and a miniature shopping basket. He sets up shop somewhere in the house, sometimes outside if he's selling garden products :-) I then get to push his little basket around placing items in my basket to purchase. What I decided to do, one day, was to equip him with "receipts", on which he had to write down my items, in case I needed to return anything. He bought into it, scribbling notes on each receipt:

As I emptied my basket, he scanned and wrote, scanned and wrote:

Usually, he gets really into his role and will send me off with a wave and "Thank you for shopping" or "Please, come again":

I am very much enjoying this journey I am on to find authentic, meaningful ways to help develop my son's early writing skills, as these experiences are the foundation upon which he will build as he grows older. I hope to find more :-)

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