Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Heat Waves, Reveries, and Bologna Sandwiches

We are in the middle of, yet another, heat wave here on the Central Coast, and I absolutely LOVE it! Yesterday, I took my son and our dogs to the beach. I take them to a secret spot because 1) my son doesn't like the big waves, and 2) our beach is a dog un-friendly beach and dogs are not allowed to run around off-leash. Where we moved from, there were a multitude of beaches to choose from, all of which allowed my dogs to romp through the waves without restraint:

Now, we have a little secret spot where my aging dogs can still swim freely:

Fast-forward to today - it's so excruciatingly hot, I didn't feel like cooking anything for lunch; so, we settled for leftover cold pizza and homemade lemonade:

Of course, my son is perfectly happy with this choice:

As I sit outside with my little guy, I find myself lost in reverie, remembering lunch with my own Mom. If memory serves me correctly, this was my favorite meal of the day. The reason escapes me, but I do remember savoring these moments at home with my mother. Perhaps these memories are from my early childhood, before having to leave the safety of my home to go school. I cannot work out the details, though, because most of my childhood memories are jumbled. I don't have much chronological recognition, but memories related to taste and smell often come crashing back to me at the most unexpected of times! Today is one of them.

One lunch I particularly remember is a bologna sandwich on Weber white bread, ice-cold homemade lemonade (Aha! Here is the connection :-), and Frito's corn chips. A similar lunch today with my son would be a nitrate/nitrite-free Black Forest Ham sandwich on Gluten-free Whole Grain bread, ice-cold homemade lemonade, and Gluten-free Pita chips (I don't feed my son gluten-free food because he is gluten-intolerant, I just think it is a healthier choice).

Funny how life seemed so much simpler back then! Perhaps I will go out and buy a loaf of Weber white bread and good old-fashioned salty bologna today!


  1. Childhood memories are the best, even those that are hard to remember! I am sure you and your son are creating some with your day on the beach! I love the beach but have to settle for cornfields! :)

  2. Thanks for visiting, Leigh Anne! I'm hoping this blog will help me keep our memories fresh :-)