Saturday, May 31, 2014

Celebrating Literacy

In my house, we celebrate literacy every single day! Whether it's an early morning book read before rolling out of bed, or updating our menu board with our current meal's beginning letters, we celebrate the joy that comes from reading and writing.

As an elementary and adult educator, I am constantly engaged in reading and writing, so it's only natural that my young son would grow up in a very literate-rich environment. We have books and writing materials strewn throughout our home! There are numerous book baskets tucked away in little corners where my son can curl up and peruse them:

In our home office, which my son calls our "Library", there are three bookshelves holding a slew of books, ranging from the Classics, to poetry books, to Little Golden Books:

My son even has a reading corner in his room that provides him with a cozy little nook when he just wants to be alone with a book:

The Ultimate TMNT Room
To keep reading fun and exciting, I have two listening stations set up, one in my son's room and one in mine. Books on CD provide modeling of what good reading sounds like, as well as sound effects and music, all of which will help develop his own reading fluency:

My son can choose from book sets, such as the classic Peter Rabbit Library, or more interactive books, such as his Photicular Safari and Egyptology books (the photos are amazing!!!):

I often go wandering through the house in search of my son, only to find him immersed in a book, or two, or an entire basket :-):

As a matter of fact, as I sit at my computer writing this blog post, he is on the floor in our library reading a book:

And, these are just our reading prospects! I also provide my son with a variety of writing materials and opportunities; but today, we are just celebrating reading :-)

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  1. I so wish I had more bookcases at home! I can't wait to read your writing celebrations! All of your little guy's ninja turtle things remind me of my nephew - he loves them too!

    1. Thanks Leigh Anne! I"m excited to share :-) And, I got all our book cases at thrift stores! I want one room with all book cases :-)

  2. What a wonderful celebration! Books, books, books!

    I dream of a room filled with floor to ceiling shelves...with a ladder and comfy leather chair!

    1. Hi Loralee, I have the same dream :-) We will have to share our rooms once they are complete!