Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Stare Down with a Two-Year Old

Last night, while in the midst of battle, I found myself staring down the beast known as “My Son”.  He didn’t want to lie down in bed but he was encroaching on my “after-Brayden’s-bedtime” time so he was going to stay in bed, at any cost. 

I had never met a more worthy opponent!  The stare down lasted for a considerable thirty-second stretch and during that time, here’s what went through my mind:

“Man, that’s a good stare down…wow, he’s really holding my gaze…how is he able to stare at me like this?...I’ve never seen him stare me down like this before!...he has to turn away soon…I don’t know how much longer I can stare down my two-year old…any minute now, he’s going to look away…oh no! I’m starting to lose it!...this is really uncomfortable!”

Just as I was about turn away, accept defeat but still maintain some dignity because “he was going to stay in bed, damn it!” I cracked!  Spreading across my son’s face was his crinkle-nosed grin that pretty much gets him out of anything because I can’t help but laugh at it! (Come on, now, you know your child has one of those looks!  The look that you just can’t help but laugh at and then all is lost!) 

So, there I was, throwing myself on to the bed next to him, laughing like we were enjoying a night at the Improv instead of waging the age-old “bedtime battle” between parent and child.

Sometimes, we just need to know when to surrender!

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